Would you automate your compensation planning if it paid for itself in the first year?


Would You Automate Your Compensation Planning If It Paid For Itself In The First Year?

At CompXL, Our ROI badge from G2 proves that clients can quickly get incredible value from our compensation planning software. With its Excel formula engine, CompXL allows Compensation Administrators to seamlessly transition from doing stacks of manual tasks like copying, pasting, and emailing spreadsheets to enjoying the benefits of automated compensation planning.

Freed from tedious manual processes, compensation managers gain efficiency and time, allowing them to work on pro-active and higher-value tasks like improving incentive designs. Users also find that because the compensation management process is streamlined, they can involve more planning managers, all the way down to the direct manager, without increasing their workload or the duration of the focal planning exercise.

Automating compensation planning with CompXL gives organizations a return on investment in 8 months, compared to an average of 21 months from our competitors.CompXL gives many organizations a return on their initial investment in less than nine months, with an onboarding time that’s 250% faster than most competitors. The unique power of CompXL is that it is both a highly flexible comp module increasing efficiency and a collaborative workflow tool enabling manager discretion. Automated compensation planning has never been so intuitive.

Pushing comp-planning decisions down to the lowest level of managerial oversight ensures more informed decisions. Why? Because managers on the ground floor have clearer insights into the motivations, needs, and capabilities of the people they lead. Better-informed decisions lead to better business outcomes and quicker ROI.

When compensation professionals can barely survive the burden of manual compensation planning, they can’t say “yes” to planning managers who want to improve the effectiveness of incentive plans.

Upgrading to CompXL empowers your compensation team to say “yes” to agile, innovative compensation planning, leading to increased employee engagement and ultimately to higher profit per employee organization-wide.

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