COMP NEWS – A new survey indicates that hybrid work scheduling remains a highly-prioritized benefit for employees, even though few are asked if they prefer it.

Employees say they’re generally excluded from discussions about hybrid work and the return to the office — yet flexibility remains a must-have benefit.

Nearly 7 in 10 respondents to an October Eagle Hill survey said their employer has not asked for their input when it comes to remote and hybrid work preferences. 

But employees continue to have strong opinions on the matter, with nearly half of surveyed workers saying they would consider leaving their job if their company reduced workplace flexibility, including 61% of millennials. 

Respondents weighed in with their perspectives on hybrid scheduling efficiency; many prioritized specific types of tasks, like research and deep thinking, on days when they were working from home, claiming more efficiency in at-home environments.

Respondents indicated that certain tasks benefit from being done in person, including highly social activities like integrating new team members, team building and managing team members. On the other hand, workers indicated that activities requiring individual contemplation — deep thinking, research and focus time — benefit from being done remotely.

Similarly, respondents said they could see the benefits of being at the office, naming more socialization, improved collaboration, the ability to leave work at the office, greater productivity and fewer distractions as chief among them. They cited reduced work-life balance, more stress, increased costs and commuting time as negatives, however.

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