Swinging For The Fences

There’s something magical in the loud, brief friction of a wooden bat slamming into a baseball.

It’s an unmistakable sound wherever you are; satisfying wherever you hear it, see it, or feel it. Hanging in the fractional second of that familiar THWACK is the historical force of America’s favorite pastime. It’s hard not to enjoy the tectonic impact that grants a baseball the momentum to sail past the field and into the rarified air of the bleachers.

Similarly, HCR Software’s CompXL product has sailed past the Compensation Category Field of players into the rarified air of the G2 Momentum Leaders for Summer of 2021.


Take a look at where HCR’s score compares to the averages in its category:


CompXL has scores that are:

  • 25% higher across the board than the average of its competitors.
  • Nearly double the average of the category in Employee and Web Presence.

In comparison to the rest of the players on the field:

  • Over 25 companies were included in the Momentum Leader category.
  • Only 5 solutions were rated as momentum leaders by G2.
  • Of the 5 momentum leaders, CompXL is the most narrowly focused on incentive & compensation planning workflow enablement.

CompXL’s high customer satisfaction ratings and positive reviews are a result of HCR Software’s white-glove service approach. Clients enjoy a named account support model where the culture is client-driven and service-oriented. It’s in our DNA to always find a way to say YES to what clients need.

We give compensation professionals the ability to keep what they love about Excel™, the flexibility and familiarity, while eradicating the aspects they hate – the copying, pasting, and painful manual administration.

CompXL delivers highly configurable software to enable the agility of compensation teams so they can easily support complex and creative compensation plans.

If you are an ambitious and creative compensation professional who loves to hit home runs for your business partners, consider adding CompXL to your team.