Software for Automating Merit Planning and Incentives


Flexible to Fit Your Process Yet Affordable to Fit Your Budget

Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of corporations end up using Excel to manage their compensation plans? Excel provides unmatched budgeting and financial modeling capabilities, but fails to address many workflow issues related to executing the compensation planning cycles efficiently. CompensationXL is the only solution that will eliminate the tactical burden of administering the compensation cycle, and allow you to leverage your current Excel compensation worksheets as the basis of configuration. This will allow you to continue to support and embrace your unique strategy for competitive compensation planning without re-training your managers.

Typical Manual Process   vs.   CompXL Enabled Process

Typical Manual Process

• Lack of Process Visibility 

• Unsecured Excel Files Floating Around

• Manual Break-Up/Re-Compile of Files

• Time Consuming Manual Audit Required

CompXL Enabled Process

• Complete Process Visibility

• Data Secured Behind Login/Password

• Manual Labor Completely Eliminated

• Automated Business Rules Force Compliance