COMP NEWS – High compensation. Solid benefits. But still, worker unhappiness plagues the United States Postal Service.

That’s why the USPS recently conducted multiple employee satisfaction surveys in a recent attempt to find out why the company is experiencing such a high turnover rate.

USPS, as part of its 10-year reform plan, is trying to reduce the turnover rate of its non-career workforce, which ranged between 36% and 43% between fiscal years 2016 and 2021.

As the Postal Service tries to reduce turnover for its non-career workforce, its inspector general finds employee satisfaction is slipping, compared to similar positions in federal agencies and the private sector.

USPS employee satisfaction was lowest in its non-career workforce. While the employees stated that they are paid well, they claim to have a poor work-life balance due to long hours and erratic scheduling.

USPS employees cite good pay and benefits as reasons to stay, but long hours and poor work-life balance as reasons to leave, according to an analysis of ratings from the websites Glassdoor and Indeed conducted by the USPS IG office.

USPS employee satisfaction ratings have been steadily trending down for a few years now. In addition, USPS has much lower ratings compared to their direct competitors.

In both 2017 and 2021, the average overall ratings for USPS on Glassdoor and Indeed were lower than the scores at shipping and logistic companies and compared to employees at the Veterans Affairs Department and the Social Security Administration.


Career USPS employees gave the agency an average 3.0 rating on Glassdoor in FY 2021, and 36% of career workers gave USPS a four or five-star rating. That, however, falls short of the 48% of career employees who gave USPS high marks in 2017. The percentage of employees who would recommend taking a job with USPS has also steadily decreased. An IG analysis of Glassdoor and Indeed data found 27% of careers employees would recommend working at USPS, compared to 22% of non-career employees.

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