COMP NEWS – Tesla is reevaluating its compensation strategy with a second wave of pay adjustments after the company’s last wave of pay increases angered employees.

Tesla told employees today that it will do another pay adjustment, a second in a few weeks, after employees expressed disappointment with the last one.

But the automaker has now delayed the second pay increase, which is happening amid the CEO, Elon Musk, asking for a historic compensation package.

Tesla recently announced the annual wage increases for employees across the company following annual reviews.

Much has been said about Tesla factory workers getting pay bumps following the auto workers union’s win over the Big Three Automakers, putting more pressure on non-unionized automakers like Tesla.

However, not all Tesla employees have been happy with the pay adjustments.

We noted that Tesla told salaried employees that they won’t be getting their normal stock compensation following their annual reviews.

The pay increase was also less than anticipated for hourly employees amid the high inflation environment.

Although Tesla is seeking to adjust pay raises for disgruntled employees, it will have to simultaneously contend with the company’s CEO asking for a historic increase in compensation and shares.

This second wave of pay adjustments at Tesla comes amid the CEO, Elon Musk, himself discussing his own potential new compensation package.

But the CEO is using a negotiation tactic akin to a union threatening a strike, which is ironic considering he is hoping to keep unions away from Tesla.

Musk said that he wants 25% voting power at Tesla, which would require him to roughly double his number of shares in the company. If that doesn’t happen, the CEO said that he would prefer building AI products at his new startup xAI.

The threat is especially problematic as the CEO describes Tesla as an AI/robotics company and even said that Tesla is worth nothing if it doesn’t solve the AI problem with self-driving.

To read more about the bizarre video (and see it for yourself), click here.

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