COMP NEWS – Major retail companies are looking for hundreds of thousands of new hires for the upcoming holiday season. Some retailers are offering bonuses to new hires as well.

Kohl’s said it will hire 90,000 seasonal workers to fill positions in stores and warehouses in order to meet customer demand. This year, seasonal employees will be eligible to receive a bonus ranging from $100 to $400 for working through the holiday season.

Amazon plans to hire 125,000 permanent warehouse and logistics workers in the United States ahead of the holiday shopping season, according to a report by CNN. The company is pledging higher wages, new benefits and sign-on bonuses.

Walmart this month said it planned to hire 20,000 employees at its distribution centers across the country to help keep merchandise moving through the holiday shopping rush. These positions are permanent, according to a CNBC report.

The current labor shortage is hitting supply chain management the hardest. Due to the upcoming holiday season, companies will be shipping a lot more goods than usual. Companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Kohl’s are opening up over 200,000 jobs to cover these needs. They are also offering employee bonuses to these new hires.

Best Buy typically hires thousands of seasonal workers across the country to fill positions in sales, customer service, merchandising inventory, car install technicians and more. 

Although logistics is being hit the most by the labor shortage, many other types of jobs are being affected as well. Best buy announced needs for many other positions such as sales and installation.

This holiday season could be the most challenging yet for big retail companies. While bonuses may attract a large portion of workers, companies will need to look into other incentives as well to make sure they fill all of their empty positions.

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