COMP NEWS – An Ohio pizzeria owner wanted to thank his employees for their hard work. So he decided to do just that – by giving an entire day of profits directly to his employees.

After the tough year food businesses have weathered during the COVID-19 pandemic, the owner of Heavenly Pizza in Findlay wanted to show his workers his gratitude. Josh Elchert gave the entire day of sales on Monday back to his employees.


He says people tend to think of pizza for the sauce, crust or cheese. But the most important ingredient is sometimes lost on people.


“You can have the best pizza in the world,” he said, “if you have no one here to make it, it doesn’t matter.”

Elchert says he put the call out on social media, letting customers know in advance the day in which profits would go directly to his staff. When the day came, the store was overwhelmed with steady business. As a result, each worker made an average of $78 an hour during their shift.

On a typical Monday, they [Heavenly Pizza] do about 100 orders. This week, they did 220 orders, which translated to over $6,000 in sales and over $1,000 in tips, all of which went back to the employees. Each worker made about $78 an hour for that shift.

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