COMP NEWS – Metro RTA employees who are members of the Transport Workers Union may go on strike this week for higher compensation.

In a news release, Metro said although it hasn’t been served with a valid Notice of Intent to Strike and Picket by TWU, as required by Ohio law, Metro said it “has reason to believe” the union may strike or picket starting Thursday, Nov. 4, which could result in disrupted or no transit service starting that day.


The union and Metro have been negotiating for more than a year since the union’s contract expired July 31, 2020. A federal mediator has been working with both parties since talks began.

The union is negotiating a 3% pay raise for union employees, but Metro is proposing smaller percentages.

The union is seeking pay raises of 3% in each of the three years. Metro proposes a first-year pay increase of 2%, following by 1.5% increases in the second and third years.

In contrast to their pay demands, the union is not seeking a different health insurance program. However, Metro is proposing a plan that will raise health insurance costs for employees.

The union is seeking the same health insurance coverage and terms as under its previous contract. Metro is proposing a plan that would include a so-called spousal carve-out, meaning union members would have to pay extra to insure a spouse.


According to Metro, the Transport Workers Union Local 1 represents 71% of METRO team members, including 239 bus operators, 17 vehicle service employees, four vehicle detailers and 12 customer care representatives.

71% of Metro employees belong to the Transport Workers Union, meaning a strike would be crippling to the organization. Both Metro RTA and the Transport Workers Union hope to reach an agreement in the coming days.

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