COMP NEWS – A D.C.-based law firm has announced huge bonuses for its associates amounting to almost 3x more than standard market rate bonuses this year.

Biglaw might not be ready to announce bonuses yet, what with a potential salary increase gumming up the works, but that’s not stopping boutique firms from firing out the gate with bonuses that’ll make their Biglaw competitors blush.

On that note, D.C.-based litigation boutique Wilkinson Stekloff today announced that associates are getting bonuses that absolutely blow away the Biglaw scale announced by Milbank earlier this month. In reality, it isn’t a surprise — the firm has proven in the past it has what it takes to beat Biglaw compensation. Wilkinson did so well in 2023 that this year’s bonuses are 175% above market bonuses for every class year. That sure is a great way to show associates how much you appreciate their hard work.

Here’s what the eye-popping 2023 bonus scale looks like at the firm:

  • Class of 2023: $26,250
  • Class of 2022: $$35,000
  • Class of 2021: $52,500
  • Class of 2020: $100,625
  • Class of 2019: $131,250
  • Class of 2018: $157,500
  • Class of 2017: $183,750
  • Class of 2016+: $201,250

To read more about Wilkinson Stekloff’s amazing bonus scale, click here.

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