Illinois has updated its Equal Pay Act with an amendment that will require employers with over 100 employees to report on their equal pay practices – or face penalties for failing to do so.

The amendment will require businesses to submit additional information on their employees categorized by determiners such as compensation, ethnicity, and gender. Employers who fail to meet these new requirements will risk having their business’s gross profits fined and any state contracts they possess revoked.

“An amendment to the Illinois Equal Pay Act of 2003 requires that, beginning March 23, 2024, employers with more than 100 employees in Illinois must certify compliance with the Equal Pay Act by obtaining an Equal Pay registration certificate from the state Department of Labor.”

“Under the amendment signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker on March 23, businesses must pay a $150 filing fee and submit a statement of compliance with equal pay to the Department of Labor for certification. To obtain the certificate, businesses required to file a federal EEO-1 report (generally companies with more than 100 employees) also must include a copy of their most recent EEO-1 report, and additionally submit a list of all employees in the past calendar year, categorized by gender and race/ethnicity with corresponding wages paid to each employee over that period. Figures are to be calculated to the nearest hundred dollars.”

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