More than 3000 nonprofit workers with Heritage Christian, a nonprofit that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities, will see a nearly 20% salary increase by May 9th.

Combined with a salary raise that already went into effect on January 1, employees will see their base compensation rise by approximately 31% in the span of 5 months.

Individuals who were working in respite care will see hourly wages jump from $13.25 to $15.75; while those working with clients requiring more complex care will increase to nearly $20 per hour.


The new increases apply to 3,000 people companywide, including 323 staffers in the Buffalo region and for 40 open positions. Geitner said it’s a recruitment/retention strategy aimed at competing against the fast food/retail environment and a way to fairly compensate their frontline workers. It also fulfills a goal set by the company five years ago when New York state implemented its new minimum wage schedule.

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