COMP NEWS – A recent study has revealed that a staggering 86% of workers would consider staying at their job longer in exchange for a one-time cash bonus.

Workers are increasingly demanding fair wages and attractive benefits from their employers. And while some workers are looking to leave their jobs for better opportunities, some are staying in roles they don’t love because of the incentives they receive. A recent survey found that most employees would remain at their jobs longer in exchange for a cash bonus. Find out why workers value incentives like this.

Nearly half of surveyed workers said they would use the cash bonus to pay off debt. Another one-fourth said they would use the cash bonus to create an emergency fund.

Would you take a cash bonus in exchange for staying with your current employer for a set time? A hefty bonus could go far in improving your personal financial situation. The same Keep Financial study also examined what respondents would do with an employer-provided cash bonus. Some respondents said they would use the money to work on multiple financial goals.

Here are some notable findings of the study:

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