COMP NEWS – A survey has found that nearly 3/5 of Canadian workers prefer a hybrid or remote work model when compared to an onsite one.

The research report encompassing 9,326 workers in 11 countries titled, “The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere,” found that while 37% of workers in Canada feel they can be productive and healthy primarily while working remotely, another 41% feel they can be productive and healthy anywhere, either fully remote or onsite or a combination of the two ─ as the hybrid workplace emerges.


Globally, 85% of people who say they can be productive and healthy anywhere also say they plan to stay with their company for a long time. However, finding a hybrid model that works for all generations may be a challenge: three in four Gen Zers (74%) want more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues face-to-face, a higher percentage than Gen Xers (66%) and Baby Boomers (68%).

The research also found that fewer Canadians felt they were “thriving” compared to workers in other countries.

Surprisingly, while the global research found 42% of people thriving, only 26% Canadians identified as thriving, showcasing less optimism and more fatigue in their workforces compared with their peers globally. About a quarter (28%) of Canadians feel their companies are meeting their emotional health needs (compared to 36% globally), and only 26% say their companies are meeting their physical health needs (compared to 34% globally).

The survey also identified which demographics were more likely to prefer working onsite or remotely. Younger millennials, part-time workers, contractors, and people in smaller organizations were more likely to feel productive and healthy working onsite. On the other hand, females, Gen X, older millennials, and people who work full-time were more likely to feel more efficient when working remotely.

The findings show that while some workers are divided on the type of work model they prefer, many feel like they could excel in either given they felt they would be supported long-term by their company.

You can find the survey and read the rest of the story here.

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