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Our aim is to provide our clients with white glove service without the premium price tag that typically comes along with that. But, don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say as well…

“I had been looking for a product for years that could move our excel-based comp sheets online and my prayers were answered! CompXL has met all of our needs and quite frankly might be the most-exciting single product I use as an HR professional.”
HR Director

Hargray Communications

“One of the things we kept hearing over and over from the HCR references was that CompXL is user friendly and intuitive. Our managers agree. Once logged in they know exactly what to do. CompXL doesn’t require a lot of training.”
Director of Compensation

ACCO Brands

“We’ve been using CXL for 6 cycles now globally…very intuitive and flexible. Helped us clean up a messy process…planners throughout the organization really take to it…Great service, high recommend! Thanks HCR!”
Sr. Director Compensation

Ralph Lauren

“We actually have managers eager to use CompXL each review cycle. Prior to CompXL the annual review process was a tedious paper pushing exercise — now much more attention is focused on how to allocate review budget in a way which ties pay to performance.”
Lead HRIS Analyst

Institute For Defense Analyses

“CompXL makes sense and it’s something that’s affordable. CompensationXL has been the right choice for us.”
Compensation Manager


“CompXL saved our department hours of slicing and dicing spreadsheets, managing email approvals and workflow. I appreciate the total flexibility of the system allowing us to utilize CompXL for many different and varied processes. The implementation was fast and easy and customer support was superior.”
Compensation, Benefits & HRIS Manager

Service Experts

“The software is highly flexible. Implementation was a breeze. Roll-out to management staff, including front-line managers who had never before participated in the STI process, consisted of an email and 4-minute video, and there were no questions asked.”
Payroll Specialist

SBM Offshore

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“The implementation team does a great job with listening to your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask what the software can and can’t do. You’d be surprised at the capabilities.”
Benefits & Compensation Manager

NOW Foods

“In my experience, the level of support received to complete these activities in a timely manner has exceeded my expectations. The investment in this inexpensive solution has proved to be a valuable resource and has saved us time and money over using alternative vendors and in house teams, reducing manual manipulation of multiple spreadsheets and reducing human error. We have employees in 13 countries and the tool allows for multiple currencies and FX rates for ease of currency conversion for roll-up reporting.”
Sr. Compensation & HRIS Manager

Cymer, LLC

“We perform our Global Salary Planning process through CXL. It is great because we are able to set business rules with the system and run reports…This has prevented us from sharing Excel spreadsheets back and forth. It has allowed us to reduce the Salary Planning Cycle time.”
Compensation Manager

Cabot Corporation