Bonus Allocation Software

Bonus Allocation Software

If your compensation platform isn’t flexible enough to support your incentive strategy, you may have settled for a manual excel process to fill the gap, or worse you may have limited your practices to what your platform can support.

BONUS is a flexible and affordable add-on solution.

Plan On Your Bonus Schedule

Plan on your schedule; monthly, quarterly, annually or all of the above.

Calculate Bonuses

Calculate bonuses on multiple factors including company financials, department goals, and individual contribution.

Faster And More Secure

If you can do it today in Excel™, you can do it tomorrow in Bonus but faster and more securely.

Easily Manage Prorations

Easily manage prorations and split bonuses without breaking a sweat.

Target Bonuses

Target bonuses by business unit, division, departments

Admin Control

On the fly changes- because things happen. Holdbacks. Overrides. Admin Control.