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Prominent Metalworkers’ Union Pushes For 4-Day Work Week

COMP NEWS - One of Europe's largest industrial unions is calling for a four-day work week over a pay raise ahead of collective bargaining negotiations later this year. Germany's IG Metall (IGM), Europe's largest industrial union, is calling for a four-day work week at...

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Amazon Sharpens Knives to Cut Executive Compensation

COMP NEWS - Amazon is preparing to make cuts, this time not to job roles but to executive compensation, as its stock price continues to slump. Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) plans to reduce employee stock awards as part of its compensation plan as economic...

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For An Empathetic People Strategy, Start With Compensation

COMP NEWS - What is the most important factor in a healthy work environment? According to Lisa Wallace, Cofounder & Co-CEO Assemble, the most important component of an employee-employer relationship is a strong, empathetic compensation strategy. Compensation is...

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Facebook Owner Meta Slashing Bonuses For Some Employees

COMP NEWS - Facebook owner Meta is reportedly planning to slash bonus payouts to some employees in an effort to cut costs. Additionally, the social media giant is planning to ramp up its staff assessment processes in order to closely track employee productivity....

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Study Finds That Nearly One-Third of Job Postings Are Fake

COMP NEWS - An alarming survey has found that as many as one-third of job postings are fake, made by organizations without serious intentions to fill the posted job role. A mystery permeates the job market: You apply for a job and hear nothing, but the ad stays online...

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Apple is Delaying Employee Bonuses In A Cost-Cutting Drive

COMP NEWS - Apple, one of the few major Silicon Valley companies to avoid mass layoffs, is looking to cut costs instead by delaying employee bonuses. Apple has largely avoided the large-scale layoffs seen in many of its rival companies, including Google and Amazon,...

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