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CompensationXL Brochure

Is your Excel based process a nightmare to manage manually? Do the other software solutions you’ve reviewed lack the flexibility you need? With CompensationXL you will gain all the benefits of cloud software without compromising flexibility and configurability. Download our brochure to discover many of the amazing benefits of CompensationXL.

Now is the Time to Automate Compensation

As more companies than ever look to variable pay strategies as a creative and cost effective solution for stabilizing retention and boosting employee engagement, the additional work required to administer variable pay programs has become much too cumbersome and risky to manage on a manual basis. Therefore, more organizations are realizing that compensation planning must be a technology enabled process. Download our free white paper to learn how your organization can automate today.

OpenText Upgrades Compensation Process With CompensationXL

ACCO Brands Implements Standardized Global Compensation Planning

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