Focal Planning

Administer, automate, and streamline your compensation planning process

Merit Pay

Align rewards with individual and organizational performance


Manage all your plans in one place including bonus and equity

Total Rewards

Adjustment letters and/or total reward statements are just a click away

CompensationXL provides the compensation team with a tool so configurable that it will truly automate and improve your current process without requiring a process overhaul.

Our solution shrinks cycle time while eliminating the administrative burden associated with managing merit increases, allocating short and long term incentives, and producing total compensation statements.

Cloud Based

Take advantage of the workflow, security, & reliability of a cloud-based compensation solution

Global Solution

Multi-currency deployments supported allowing managers to plan in local currencies

Excel Compatible

Make recommendations online, Review recommendations offline. Get the best of both worlds.



Set it and forget it! Robust business rule enforcement engine for eligibility, budget, and more

If You Can Do It In Excel

You Can Do It In CompensationXL

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